The following candidates have been elected to represent the Dublin County constituencies following a poll held on 8th February 2020.

Dublin Fingal: Louise O'Reilly- Sinn Féin;  Joe O'Brien - Green Party / Comhaontas Glas;  Darragh O'Brien - Fianna Fáil;  Alan Farrell - Fine Gael;  Duncan Smith - The Labour Party.

Dublin West:  Paul Donnelly - Sinn Féin;  Leo Varadkar - Fine Gael;  Jack Chambers - Fianna Fáil;  Roderic O'Gorman - Green Party / Comhaontas Glas.

Dublin Mid-West:  Eoin Ó Broin - Sinn Féin;  Mark Ward - Sinn Féin;  Emer Higgins - Fine Gael;  Gino Kenny - Solidarity - People Before Profit.

Dublin South-West:  Sean Crowe - Sinn Féin;  Paul Murphy - Solidarity - People Before Profit; Colm Brophy - FineGael;  Francis Noel Duffy - Green Party / Comhaontas Glas.

Dublin Rathdown:  Catherine Martin - Green Party / Comhaontas Glas;  Neale Richmond - Fine Gael;  Josepha Madigan - Fine Gael.

Dún Laoghaire: Ossian Smyth - Green Party / Comhaontas Glas;  Richard Boyd Barrett - Solidarity - People Before Profit;  Jenifer Carroll MacNeill - Fine Gael;  Cormac Devlin - Fianna Fáil


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