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150Palmerstown Boys N.S. - Table 1FJ1566
151Palmerstown Boys N.S. - Table 2FJ5671300
152Palmerstown Boys N.S. - Table 3FJ13012053
153Palmerstown Boys N.S. - Table 4FJ20542725
154Palmerstown Boys N.S. - Table 5FJ27263537
155Palmerstown Boys N.S. - Table 6FI1670
156Palmerstown Boys N.S. - Table 7FK1757
157Palmerstown Boys N.S. - Table 8FK7581536
158Palmerstown Boys N.S. - Table 9FK15372337
159Palmerstown Boys N.S. - Table 10FK23383135
160Scoil Mhuire - Table 1FA1568
161Scoil Mhuire - Table 2FA5691316
162Scoil Mhuire - Table 3FA13171973
163Scoil Mhuire - Table 4FA19742778
164Scoil Mhuire - Table 5FA27793533
165Scoil Mhuire - Table 6FA35344237
166Scoil Mhuire - Table 7FA42384877
167Scoil Mhuire - Table 8FA48785646
168Scoil Aine Naofa N.S. - Table 1FB1651
169Scoil Aine Naofa N.S. - Table 2FB6521366
170Scoil Aine Naofa N.S. - Table 3FB13672059
171Scoil Aine Naofa N.S. - Table 4FB
172Scoil Aine Naofa N.S. - Table 5FC80890
173Scoil Aine Naofa N.S. - Table 6FW1824
174Scoil Aine Naofa N.S. - Table 7FW8251578
175Griffeen Valley Educate Together N.S. - Table 1FP1446
176Griffeen Valley Educate Together N.S. - Table 2FP4471146
177Griffeen Valley Educate Together N.S. - Table 3FP11471883
178Griffeen Valley Educate Together N.S. - Table 4FP18842627
179Griffeen Valley Educate Together N.S. - Table 5FP26283383
180Lucan Educate Together N.S. - Table 1FE1601
181Lucan Educate Together N.S. - Table 2FE6021375
182Lucan Educate Together N.S. - Table 3FE13762178
183Lucan Educate Together N.S. - Table 4FE21792966
184Lucan Educate Together N.S. - Table 5FE29673773
185Lucan Educate Together N.S. - Table 6FE37744538
186Lucan Educate Together N.S. - Table 7FE45395259
187Lucan Educate Together N.S. - Table 8F41593
188Gael Scoil Naomh Padraig - Table 1FO1485
189Gael Scoil Naomh Padraig - Table 2FO4861167
190Gael Scoil Naomh Padraig - Table 3FO11681901
191Gael Scoil Naomh Padraig - Table 4FO19022587
192Gael Scoil Naomh Padraig - Table 5FO25883261
193Gael Scoil Naomh Padraig - Table 6FO
194Lucan Girl's N.S. - Table 1FD1517
195Lucan Girl's N.S. - Table 2FD5181305
196Lucan Girl's N.S. - Table 3FD13061988
197Lucan Girl's N.S. - Table 4FD19892701
198Lucan Girl's N.S. - Table 5FD
199St Bernadette's N.S. - Table 1FH1573
200St Bernadette's N.S. - Table 2FH5741216
201St Bernadette's N.S. - Table 3FH12171882
202Rowlagh N.S. - Table 1FG1476
203Rowlagh N.S. - Table 2FG4771106
204Rowlagh N.S. - Table 3FG11071756
205Rowlagh N.S. - Table 4FF1737
206Rowlagh N.S. - Table 5FF7381466
207Rowlagh N.S. - Table 6FF14672201
208St Peter the Apostle N.S. - Table 1FM1435
209St Peter the Apostle N.S. - Table 2FM4361017
210St Peter the Apostle N.S. - Table 3FL1607
211St Peter the Apostle N.S. - Table 4FL6081197
212St Peter the Apostle N.S. - Table 5FL11981985
213Divine Mercy Senior N.S. - Table 1FN1557
214Divine Mercy Senior N.S. - Table 2FN5581297
215Divine Mercy Senior N.S. - Table 3F71594
216Divine Mercy Senior N.S. - Table 4F75951175
217Divine Mercy Senior N.S. - Table 5F711761722
218Bawnogues N.S. - Table 1FR1634
219Bawnogues N.S. - Table 2FR6351359
220Bawnogues N.S. - Table 3FR13602104
221Bawnogues N.S. - Table 4FR21052813
222Bawnogues N.S. - Table 5FR28143511
223Bawnogues N.S. - Table 6FR
224Saint Ronans N.S. - Table 1FX1546
225Saint Ronans N.S. - Table 2FX5471182
226Saint Ronans N.S. - Table 3FX11831867
227Saint Ronans N.S. - Table 4FX18682566
228Saint Ronans N.S. - Table 5FX25673108
229Sacred Heart N.S. - Table 1FS1570
230Sacred Heart N.S. - Table 2FS5711350
231Sacred Heart N.S. - Table 3FS13512119
232Sacred Heart N.S. - Table 4FS21202824
233Sacred Heart N.S. - Table 5FS28253596
234St. Josephs N.S. - Table 1FY1372
235St. Josephs N.S. - Table 2FY3731058
236St. Josephs N.S. - Table 3FY10591776
237St. Josephs N.S. - Table 4FY17772450
238Scoil Aine Girls N.S. - Table 1FT1668
239Scoil Aine Girls N.S. - Table 2FT6691379
240Scoil Aine Girls N.S. - Table 3FT13802138
241Scoil Aine Girls N.S. - Table 4FT21392930
242Scoil Aine Girls N.S. - Table 5FT29313717
243Knockmitten Community Centre - Table 1F5
244Knockmitten Community Centre - Table 2FZ3861202
245Knockmitten Community Centre - Table 3FZ12031999
246Knockmitten Community Centre - Table 4FZ20002791
247Knockmitten Community Centre - Table 5FZ27923628
248St. Finians N.S. - Table 1FV1601
249St. Finians N.S. - Table 2FV6021325
250St. Finians N.S. - Table 3FV13262055
251St. Finians N.S. - Table 4FV20562793
252Scoil Cronain - Table 1GV1620
253Scoil Cronain - Table 2GV6211362
254Scoil Cronain - Table 3GV13632138
255Scoil Cronain - Table 4GV21392901
256Scoil Cronain - Table 5GV29023661
257Naomh Mhuire N.S. - Table 1GW1443
258Naomh Mhuire N.S. - Table 2GW4441107
259Naomh Mhuire N.S. - Table 3GW11081776
260St. Martins N.S. - Table 1GX1430